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Is ToolBook web published content (DHTML) compatible with the Microsoft Edge web browser which became available in August of 2015?


Unfortunately no.

When Microsoft shipped Windows 10 in August of 2015, a new Web Browser named Edge was introduced. A key limitation of the Edge web browser is the lack of support for ActiveX controls. ToolBook's media playback heavily relies on ActiveX for playback of media and without this support, Edge will be unable to fully render ToolBook DHTML content, and therefore is considered an unsupported Web Browser by SumTotal.

Failure Symptoms

If a user of Microsoft Edge tries to view DHTML created by ToolBook, the failure symptoms they will experience will likely be one of the following:

Note that Windows 10 also ships with Internet Explorer 11, which ToolBook 11.5 Patch 3 (or higher) is compatible with. For a complete list of supported web browsers, click here.

The optimal behavior is that the user would see the standard Unsupported Browser warning screen, letting them know which browser(s) to use instead. This actually does happen - well, unless you published your lesson for Safari or Chrome support.

user not seeing unsupported-browser screen

If your lesson was published for Chrome or Safari support, then unfortunately Edge users will not see the Unsupported Browser warning screen. Instead Edge will try to load that Chrome or Safari content, and ultimately fail.


With the release of Patch 4 for ToolBook 11.5, Edge users will always be shown the Unsupported Browser screen [read more...] as expected. Please note we have no fix available for versions of ToolBook older than 11.5.


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