Launching LiveXtensions from an Alternate Location

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There may be times when you would want to access the LiveXtensions from another location, and not from the SumTotal Website:


Designate a location where you will permanently store these tools. This can be your hard drive, a network or even your company intranet.



Download a ZIP file of all of the LiveXtension tools - for your particular version of ToolBook, placing the unzipped contents into the designated folder location (example: c:\myTools).

In this ZIP file you'll find all of the individual tools as well as the main book which provides the LiveXtensions main interface. This file is called _index.tbk.


Now you will need to use the LiveXtensions Configuration Utility to tell ToolBook to look in the designated folder location (example: c:\myTools) anytime you access the LiveXtensions feature.


There are two ways to get this utility

It is an active tool which will show up on the DEVEX tab within the LiveXtensions.

Also you can download the configuration utility by right-clicking on the appropriate link below, and choosing Save Target As.

Getting the latest versions of our tools

If you have previously downloaded our the LiveXtensions, and would like to obtain all the latest tools and updates to existing tools, all you need to do is download the current tools as outlined in step 2 and then copy those new tools into the same folder containing your previously downloaded tools.

Ensure you allow the new files to overwrite the older files when prompted. That's it, your Remote Tools list will be updated, and your Local Tools will remain unchanged.

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