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If you are test driving ToolBook or if you are a new user, use the following tools to get up and running quickly and increase your proficiency with ToolBook.

Producing Standards-Based Content With ToolBook

Reviewer's Guide
This guide provides an overview of authoring content and assessments using ToolBook. Additionally, learn how to deploy content as HTML with support for the SCORM learning standard.


Using Text, Graphics, Multimedia, and JavaScript with ToolBook


Introduction to HTTP Post, SCORM, Actions Editor, Simulation Editor Features, SmartStyles and SmartPages in ToolBook.


Developed by Tom Hall, TCC Publishing, Inc.

Producing Software Application Simulations with ToolBook

Reviewer's Guide
This guide provides an overview of using ToolBook's simulation recorder to rapidly create a software application simulation. Information on deploying the content as HTML is also included.



ToolBook XML Format

ToolBook’s XML support provides content developers flexibility when working with data from other sources. Developers can convert data into ToolBook XML, where upon the XML file can be opened directly in ToolBook. By using ToolBook XML, content from other sources can be repurposed for use in ToolBook.

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Creating ToolBook SmartStyles

This document describes how to create your own smart styles (and smart pages that use those styles), including reference material on all objects that can be defined on a smart page, all style information that can be defined for those objects and how to extend and customize the SmartStyles system.

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Preparing ToolBook Courses for Delivery in TotalLMS

Learn how to create and publish ToolBook courses for use with TotalLMS. Issues to consider when authoring your content are described. How to import ToolBook published content into TotalLMS is provided.

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Using ToolBook Content in TotalLCMS

Learn how to incorporate ToolBook courses for use in a TotalLCMS course. How to import ToolBook published content into TotalLCMS and which template type to use is provided.

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