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I have an object on my ToolBook page that I want to be able to reuse later. How can I add it to the catalog?

ToolBook does allow you to add your own objects to the catalog. In fact that's what the My Objects category of the catalog is for - to hold your own objects.


Adding objects to the catalog will fail if you are not an Administrator of your own computer. Administrative access is require to use ToolBook - failing to have this level of access will result in various failures such as being unable to add objects to the catalog.


For this demonstration, let's assume that you wanted to add a graphic into the catalog so that you can later use it in other projects.


Step 1: Select the object

In order to add an object to the catalog you first have to select the object.

The one requirement for adding an object to the catalog is that it has to be a single selectable object. If what you are trying to add is really more than one object (for example a graphic object with a text field below it), then simply Group the separate objects into a single Group object. This way you can add the Group to the catalog.

If you want to add an entire page, first select the page using the View menu.

Step 2: Right Click the Catalog

To access the (ADD) feature of the catalog you must right click on the catalog.


Step 3: Filling out the New Object settings

Fill out the New Object dialog making sure you give it a Name.


Step 4: Click OK to accept the settings

Once you click OK the object will be added to the catalog and it will be shown to you within the Category you added it to.


You are now free to drag your new catalog object into any ToolBook project you want.

Modifying your Object

If you later decide you need to modify the object but can't figure out how because it lives in the catalog, you will simply want to:

  1. Drag the object into a ToolBook file and modify the object as needed.
  2. Delete the original version out of the catalog.
  3. Add your new revised object into the catalog.

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