Chapter Menu not remember between LMS sessions

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How do I get my Chapter Menu object to remember which chapters have been completed, between LMS sessions?


The Chapter Menu object is used to allow the user to hyperlink to the first page of each chapter, and to show an indication to the user when they have completed a chapter. When added to your course, the Chapter Menu object creates a global variable. The global variable is used to track which chapters have been completed. This global variable needs to be saved to the LMS between sessions for the Chapter Menu to be accurate when a course is resumed.


To configure the global variable to be saved to the LMS please follow the directions below:

  1. Select the Chapter Menu Object group
  2. Choose Actions from the Object menu
  3. In the resulting Actions Editor dialog choose Define Variables from the Actions menu.
  4. Go to the Global Variables tab
  5. Click on the variable named s_TBK_CompletedChapters[]
  6. Place a check mark in the Save variable's value to LMS between sessions checkbox
  7. A dialog may appear warning you about saving variables to the LMS
  8. Click OK for this dialog
  9. Close the Variable dialog
  10. Close the Actions Editor
  11. Save your book and run the Publish to Web process again

The Chapter Menu object in your newly published course should now remember which chapters have been visited between LMS sessions.


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