Chapter Menus



There is a Chapter Menu object in ToolBook, in the Navigation Objects category of the catalog, and also on the Menu SmartPage.


The Chapter Menu object's main purpose is to:

If you simply drop one of these catalog objects into your book, you will likely see just a single entry which states

 <No Chapters Defined>

which simply means that you have not yet configured any chapters within your book.

What is a Chapter?

A Chapter is just a series of pages. For example you might have a book setup like this:

How to define a Chapter?

Using the Behavior tab of the Properties for Page dialog, you can specify which page is the beginning page for a chapter and specify the NAME for that chapter.


The Menu object

The purpose of the Menu object is to perform several functions:

Completed Chapters

A Chapter is considered completed when the users has visited the last page of that chapter.

The last page of a chapter is defined as the first non-SkipNavigation page just before the next chapter starts, or the last non-SkipNavigation page of the book, whichever comes first.

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