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Is ToolBook web published content (DHTML) compatible with Chrome?


Yes, with the release of ToolBook 11, in 2013, Chrome is officially supported.

Unfortunately Chrome has made changes to its more current builds which cause a series of problems outlined below.


With the release of build 42 of Chrome in early 2015, Google has decided that their Chrome web browser will no longer support plugins created using the NPAPI plugin technology. This means QuickTime, Windows Media Player, and Real Media Player will no longer work in Chrome. Please note that Flash is still supported. This essentially means that you will not be able to have any media (audio/video) in your project (with the exception of Flash based), if you expect it to work in Chrome. The link below will take you to Chrome's web page explaining this.


Chrome will not be able to load ToolBook's DHTML content unless that content is on a Web Server. If you use Chrome and attempt to load the content from a local location (from your hard drive or CD-ROM, for example) you will be presented with a:

P0 does not exist and could not be loaded

error message and the content will refuse to load.


Java and Chrome are not getting along well together starting with version 42 of Chrome. Details are here.


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