Using Danish Windows I cannot open the OpenScript editor

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I am attempting to open the OpenScript editor but it will not open.


This problem has only been reported while using the Danish version of Windows, however it is possible that other languages could also experience this same problem.

For the Script editor to open, various components of ToolBook must be loaded, and those components typically exist at this location (using an English version of Widows):

  C:\Program Files\Common Files\ToolBook\TBSystem\

and that same path under Danish Windows is:

  C:\Programmer\Faelles Filer\ToolBook\TBSystem\

The problem seems to be the presence of the special [ae] single character in Faelles which is preventing ToolBook from opening the OpenScript editor.

At present, the only fix for this is to do the following:


In order to convince Windows that the default location of the Common Files folder is somewhere other than the default location of

  C:\Programmer\Faelles Filer\

it will be necessary edit your Windows Registry.


Editing your Registry using Regedit is very easy to do, but very dangerous as well. You could easily incapacitate your entire Windows Installation by changing something in here that you shouldn't have. There is no undo feature within Regedit. This is best handled by IT staff who are comfortable with working in the Registry.

To edit the registry

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