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When viewing my DHTML published content an additional window opens showing Debug Output information. Why is this showing up?


ToolBook allows for you to create a special Debug version of your course. This debug version will result in an extra window which opens with your course, and that window will contain Debug information.

Shown below in an example of such a window.


The Debug window is a troubleshooting tool which can assist you in uncovering communication problems with a Learning Management System.

If you are seeing this debug window, this means that you are utilizing a diagnostic (Debug) version of the lesson.


The only way to get this window to go away is to tell ToolBook to Publish your file again [with the Debug setting turned off]. For security reasons, it is not possible to adjust the already published DHTML files to turn ON or OFF this window.

So, to address this problem, you'll need to re-Publish your lesson to DHTML format, and this time in the Publish To Web wizard, turn OFF the setting for Display diagnostic information in web browser (Debug Mode). Now that the debug mode has been turned off, allow the wizard to publish your ToolBook file to DHTML and the resulting DHTML files will NOT contain extra debug logic, and the Debug window will not open.

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