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Instead of questions answered by true/false, or fill-in-the-blank, what if your application is better suited for visual recognition?

The Definable Multiple Choice Question allows a learner to choose an answer by clicking on any object placed on a page. The objects that can be used as answers include graphics, buttons, draw objects or fields. For example, many states include the shapes of traffic signs, without the text, as part of their driver licensing exam. Also, text fields can contain formulas or lists that might be too complex for the standard multiple choice question.

Create the Answer Objects

First, gather or create the objects that will be used as answers:

The image below shows a graphic placed on the page, in a text field, and on a button. Also note the Definable Multiple Choice question button on the page.


Enter the Question to be Answered

Create a text field on the page and type the question to be answered into the text field.

Assign the Answer Objects to the Question

Drag the Definable Multiple Choice question object from the Questions category of the Catalog onto the page. The Properties for Definable Multiple Choice Question dialog box should open automatically. If not, or to reopen later, right-click on the Definable Multiple Choice button and open the question properties dialog from the button of the right-click menu.

  1. Change the Question name in the General tab to a unique name for logging or LMS use.
  2. From the Answers tab, click Add, then select the objects to be included in the Possible answers list from the Select or enter an object name drop-down list.
  3. Click on the correct answer or answers in the Possible answers list, and change the icon to the green check mark. All incorrect answers should have the red "No" icon. This example has two correct answers, as shown on the Answers tab.

Multiple correct responses are permitted, and all correct responses will have a weight of 100%, since by default only one response can be selected by the learner. To allow more than one answer to be selected:

  1. Check the Multiple choice/multiple correct box on the Answers tab
  2. Uncheck Automatic on the Scoring tab
  3. Change the weights of each correct answer as desired.

For this example, the highest possible score is 2 points, and each correct answer is weighted at 50% on the Scoring tab.

Select Scoring, Feedback and Other Options

To complete the page, a Score button, Score Field and Feedback Field may be added from the Scoring and Tracking section of the Catalog. Be sure the Score this question box on the Scoring tab is checked if the results are to be recorded in a log or in an LMS activity record.


Other available question options include:

  1. Limit time and Limit tries on the General tab
  2. Cannot change responses on the Answers tab
  3. Immediate Feedback and Delayed Feedback options can be set on those tabs. If Delayed Feedback is desired, use the Show Delayed Feedback button instead of the Score this Page button from Scoring and Tracking.

When the page is complete, switch to Reader mode and verify that everything is working as expected. This illustration shows that both correct answers have been selected, and the score and delayed feedback are displayed.

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