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To understand what this object is for and how to use it, consider the following scenario.

    I want my user to drag labels onto a picture, properly

    positioning each label where it belongs.

The scene below will demonstrate what the user would see in this situation.

The purpose of the arrows

You'll notice that there are really two types of Drag Objects

The tip of the arrow is important because it defines for the user exactly where the match needs to occur. In other words, to answer correctly, the tip of the arrow should be touching the correct object.

Defining where the SEAT is located

Obviously ToolBook has no clue where the seat is in your picture of a bicycle. As such we have to define a rectangular space which represents that seat-area. The user will have to put the tip of the arrow into this rectangular area to get the answer correct.

To create this "rectangular area" you will likely want to just use the Hotspot catalog object found in the Simulation category. This button object will show up at Author level but will "appear" to go away at Reader level. The hotspot object, however, is still there and clickable.

Configuring the first question

Each Drag Object is a separate question object. Therefore in order to complete the sample above, I'll need two Drag Object questions. For now, we'll just configure the first one.

Configuring the second question

The second question is a bit more complicated because there are two wheels but the label of question should say simply "Wheel". This means the user can drop it on either wheel for a correct response.


You are now done. You now have two question objects on the page, and one of them thinks the Seat hotspot is the correct response and the other thinks that either of the two wheel hotspots is the correct response.


Common Mistakes

It is a common mistake to try to pair up a Drag Object question object with a Drop Target question object. Question objects are not intended to function together.


Since each of these is a separate question object, each gets its own score value. In this case, where there are two questions objects on a single page, I'd probably want to set the max score for each to .5 points (1/2 point), so that if both are right, the total is 1 point.

If you had 4 on the page, you might want the max score of each set to .25 points (1/4 point).

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