Drop Target Question Object

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Setting up the Drop Target Question Object

The Drop Target question object is configured by providing several answer objects from which the learner can choose. The learner will drag and drop the correct answers objects into a target object. The visual effect of dropping the answers into the target is accomplished by the target being on a layer higher than the answer objects. The answers appear to be dropped into the target, when they are actually in a layer behind the target object.

The following example will show the names of six sports teams and the learner must correctly drag the NFL teams into the target box.



Add an information field to the page to explain the goal of the question

Add the 6 Drag objects to the page (the Answers)

Enable the Dragging behavior for these 6 fields

Add the actual Question Object to the page

Telling the question object which answers are correct

Adjusting some of the question options

Finishing up

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