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Why is the icon I specified for my ToolBook file (saved as EXE) not being used as the icon for the ToolBook file? Why am I getting a standard ToolBook icon instead?


When utilizing the ability to show your icon as the file icon (for a ToolBook file saved as an EXE), which you can do on the Window tab of the Properties for Book dialog, there are limitations on the icon format that you can successfully use.

Below is a matrix showing which formats ToolBook supports for an EXE icon:

 Pixel Size        Color Depth

 16x16             4 bit

 16x16             8 bit

 16x16             32 bit

 32x32             4 bit

 32x32             8 bit

 32x32             32 bit

 48x48             4 bit

 48x48             8 bit

 48x48             32 bit

 256x256           32 bit

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