Does ToolBook support Edge?

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Is ToolBook web published content (DHTML) compatible with the Microsoft Edge web browser which became available in August of 2015? What about the new version referred to as the Chromium-Based Edge which Microsoft will release in 2020?


Unfortunately no.

When Microsoft shipped Windows 10 in August of 2015, a new Web Browser named Edge was introduced. A key limitation of the Edge web browser is the lack of support for ActiveX controls. ToolBook's media playback heavily relies on ActiveX for playback of media and without this support, Edge will be unable to fully render ToolBook DHTML content, and therefore is considered an unsupported Web Browser by SumTotal.

The Chromium-Based Edge has the same limitations for media playback as the original version of Edge, and therefore is also considered an unsupported Web Browser by SumTotal.


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