Cannot pop from empty page One Step Main

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During the Autopackaging process the following message is received:

 Execution Suspended

 Why: Cannot pop from empty stack.

 Where: Gather files in page "One Step Main"


There are two possible causes for this error:


If "include all files in the book's directory" is selected, the source of the problem could be in any .tbk file (or any ToolBook file regardless of extension for that matter) located in the book's directory or sub-directory. Do not select the "include all files..." option, if only one ToolBook file is being packaged.

If the problem persists, run the Autopackager again and define a different location for the "Package" directory.

It is recommended multimedia/externally linked files are kept in the directory (or sub-directory) of the ToolBook file to ensure these files exist with the life of the project. It is easy for files left elsewhere (especially shared or removable drives), to be moved or deleted.

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