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Although my lesson was published to DHTML for Firefox 3+ support, when trying to view it within Firefox 10 or higher, the lesson does not load and instead I see an Unsupported Browser warning.


To load your lesson, the INDEX.HTML file is opened in your browser. The first thing that happens as INDEX.HTML is loaded is that a bit of JavaScript analyzes what browser (and version number) you are currently using.

This Browser Detection logic then compares this against the list of browsers you selected when you last published your lesson to DHTML. This analysis logic is working fine for Firefox 9 and older, but fails for 10 and higher, resulting in an Unsupported Browser warning.


Note that this issue was resolved with the release of Patch 1 for ToolBook 11. Once the patch is applied to your ToolBook 11 installation, republish your ToolBook content to DHTML to ensure that your DHTML content will work properly with Firefox 10 and higher.


For those of you who are not using ToolBook 11, or who cannot republish the content (perhaps because it is already on your Web Server) - there is a way to manually adjust this logic within each of the already published projects, to fix the problem. Essentially a small adjustment to this JavaScript analysis logic will allow ToolBook's DHTML to work with Firefox 10 and higher.

Locating the JavaScript logic:

The file which controls this JavaScript analysis logic is named BOOTSTRAP.JS and can be found within each of your web-published project folders. For example, here's a view of a sample web export where I selected Firefox 3 and Internet Explorer as my desired supported browsers:

BOOTSTRAP.JS is dynamically created during the web publishing process and is more or less custom-made for your current project. It includes all the necessary JavaScript logic to handle the Browser Detection logic. This also means that the contents of BOOTSTRAP.JS can be different from project to project.

Edit the BOOTSTRAP.JS file

The BOOTSTRAP.JS file is just a text file - so it is recommended that you use NOTEPAD to edit it.

Modify the logic


  Within the BOOTSTRAP.JS file, locate all occurrences of:


  and modify (by adding the two + symbols) to read:



  Within the BOOTSTRAP.JS file, locate all occurrences of:


  and modify (by adding the two + symbols) to read:


Save the file, and exit Notepad.

That's it, you will now be able to properly load your lesson in Firefox 10 and higher.

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