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Instead of using simple text for question feedback, how about using media feedback? Provided with ToolBook Instructor are two Flash movies, named correct.swf and incorrect.swf, that can be used as media feedback. These can be found in Program Files\ToolBook\ToolBook 11.5\Media\Flash. Media feedback can be set up as either Immediate Feedback or Delayed Feedback or both.

Add your Question Object

Add and configure the Media Players

  1. Go to the Media Players Category of the Catalog and drag the Correct Feedback object onto the page.
  2. Open the Extended Properties for the Popup Flash Player button.
  3. On the General tab of the Properties for Popup Flash Player dialog
  1. Check Hide button at Reader to hide the player button from the learner.
  2. Click OK to return to the page.
  3. Position and size the Popup Media Frame on the page as desired.
  4. Drag the Incorrect Feedback object onto the page and repeat the setup steps.

Configure the question to use the Media Players

Since media will be displayed on only one stage at a time, the Popup Media Frame for Correct Feedback and for Incorrect Feedback can overlap.


To configure:

  1. Reopen the question's extended properties dialog and go to the desired Feedback tab.
  2. Select the correct answers.
  3. Click the Select media type arrow for the Play media field and choose Media player. This selection will enable the drop-down list in the Media Player field.
  4. Click the Select media player arrow and choose Popup Flash Player "Flash - Correct Feedback" from the drop-down list.
  5. Select all incorrect answers and repeat the above steps to add the Popup Flash Player "Flash - Incorrect Feedback" to the incorrect answers. With these settings, the correct media will be played automatically based on the learner's answer.
  6. If the media is being used as Immediate Feedback, playback will begin as soon as an answer is selected by the learner.
  7. If the media is being used as Delayed Feedback, go to the Scoring and Tracking category of the Catalog and drag the Show Delayed Feedback button onto the page. This button will trigger the delayed feedback which will result in your media playing.


Go to Reader level and verify that the feedback is working as expected.


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