Fly-In Bullet Replacer

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This LiveXtension will allow you to replace the bullet associated with a Fly In Bullet catalog object with a different bullet from a selection of 120 bullet images.


The graphical look of a Fly In Bullet is determined by the SmartStyle applied to the book and the SmartPage type you are using. Generically the look is very plain, just a gray bullet character. You can achieve a different graphical look by utilizing a different SmartStyle for your project.


You can use this utility, which will permit you to replace the bullet character with a different bullet chosen from a list of 120.

To use this tool, first select ONE Fly In Bullet object from within your book, and then open this tool, which will permit you to choose a replacement bullet. Note that the replacement will propagate throughout your entire book.

For example, if you change the Blue Triangle to a Black Dot, all Blue Triangle type Fly In Bullets in your book will inherit this change too.

There are two sizes of standard Fly In Bullet objects, the smaller being the Level 2 (slightly indented) version. This tool allows you to change them independent of each other. This will permit your Larger (Level 1) ones to have a different bullet-look than the smaller ones.


If you apply a new SmartStyle to your book, the SmartStyle will replace your bullets with those defined within the SmartStyle.

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