Internet Explorer 11 and missing objects

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I've just updated my installation of Windows 10 to the Creators Update version (which is Version 1703 of Windows 10) released by Microsoft on April 11, 2017. Now when I view ToolBook lessons within Internet Explorer 11, some objects are missing.


On April 11, 2017, Microsoft released a major update to Windows 10 called the Creators Update. This update includes changes to Internet Explorer 11, increasing the version number of Internet Explorer to 11.0.40. Unfortunately, these changes to Internet Explorer 11 will cause various background objects in your ToolBook lessons to not display, and appear to be missing.

Our testing shows that this problem seems to exist only in build 11.0.40 of Internet Explorer. On May 9, 2017, Microsoft pushed out a bunch of updates for Windows 10, which included updates to Internet Explorer 11. This updated Internet Explorer to version 11.0.42, and the problem appears to have gone away. Microsoft has apparently fixed the problem.


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