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The IF statement within the Actions Editor allows you to define an Expression. But what is a valid expression?

Instead of trying to describe in very technical terms what a valid expression can be, a wide variety of valid expressions are shown below.

By viewing these, you should be able to generalize the concept of what a valid expression is, as well as perhaps learn about a few of the less known features (such as the use of NOT, WORD and CONTAINS).


For clarity, the following values found in the samples, are variables:

if x = 5

if x = 5 and y = 10

if z = 20 or (x = 5 and y = 10)

if text of field "uName" = ""

if text of field "uName" <> ""

if x = 5 or text of field "abc" = 5

if text of field "abc" = text of field "xyz"

if visible of button "next" = true

if enabled of button "exit" = false

if caption of button "Start" = "Begin"

if x > 15

if x >= 15

if x <= 15

if x <> 15

if x = y

if text of field "xyz" = "Model 244A"

if text of field "xyz" contains "Model 244A"

if NOT (modelNumber contains "Model 244A")

if word 3 of text of field "xyz" = "kit"

if word 3 of modelNumber = "kit"

if words 3 to 5 of essay = "in the left"

if character 4 of text of field "xyz" = "G"

if character 4 of modelNumber = "G"

if characters 4 to 6 of modelNumber = "GH5"

if item 2 of sizeList = 16

if round(totalScore) = 15

if offset("G",modelNumber) = 6

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