I-Beam not flashing when I click on editable Field in DHTML

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An editable field or Fill In The Blank question object will not produce a flashing I-Beam when you click on the field in DHTML, although it works fine in ToolBook before exporting. It appears that the object is not functional.

More Information

Actually the object is functional and if you TAB through the elements on the screen you will find that you can indeed get focus into the field to be able to start typing.

This problem is known to occur if your editable field or Fill In The Blank question object is currently configured in the following way:

The reason you can't click on the object and get the I-Beam flashing is that as a transparent object, your click goes through the object and is received by the object under it.

You can resolve this by turning the Transparency off or setting the Fill Color to any color other than white.

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