How does ToolBook DHTML content decide which LMS Adapter to use



When ToolBook DHTML content launches from an LMS, as soon as the DHTML content loads, the content has to determine which LMS adapter (SCORM 2004, SCORM 1.2, AICC) to use. It does this by searching for an available adapter. But what logic is ToolBook using?


If you choose an LMS type when exporting your ToolBook to DHTML, the LMS type you choose dictates what other options are presented to you within the Publish to Web process. However, the LMS type you choose does not actually control which LMS adapter ToolBook's DHTML uses to communicate with your LMS.

The reason for this is so that you can re-purpose your content using a different LMS without having to re-Publish your content.

How does ToolBook decide which adapter to use? It uses a set of rules to decide the best order to search for the adapter. The rules are as follows:

ToolBook 9+

With the release of version 9, the logic has been improved so that the following rules are used when searching for an adapter.

If published for SCORM 2004
If published for SCORM 1.2
If published for AICC

ToolBook 2004

The adapter search order is hard coded for:


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