Sample ToolBook content for testing compatibility with various LMSs

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If you are considering using ToolBook in conjunction with your Learning Management System, you'll likely want to see if the content that ToolBook produces can track properly with your LMS.

For this purpose, a set of sample courses have been created, ready to plug-in to your LMS.

Below is a chart of what samples are available:

Data Communication Model         10.5     11.0     11.5

AICC 2.0 (Use Signed  Applet)      x        x       x

AICC 2.0 (No Signed Applet)        x        x       x

AICC 3.0 (Use Signed  Applet)      x        x       x

AICC 3.0 (No  Signed Applet)       x        x       x

SCORM 1.2                          x        x       x

Aspen SCORM 1.2                    x        x       x

Aspen AICC (Use Signed Applet)     x        x       x

Aspen AICC (No Signed Applet)      x        x       x

SCORM 2004                         x        x       x

TotalLMS SCORM  2004               x        x       x

TotalLMS SCORM  1.2                x        x       x

TotalLMS AICC (Use Signed Applet)  x        x       x

TotalLMS AICC (No Signed Applet)   x        x       x

Neuron  - AICC                     x      

You will find all of these samples within the ZIP file located here [58 MB]:

  1. All DHTML samples are created in Debug mode to assist with possible LMS Communication Troubleshooting. Opening the lesson will result in another window opening showing debug information.
  2. For information on how to deploy Native ToolBook content within TotalLMS, click here.
  3. Neuron was discontinued as of ToolBook 11 which is why there is no Neuron 11/11.5 sample.
  4. The SCORM 2004 offering from ToolBook is technically known as SCORM 2004 2nd Edition.

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