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LiveXtensions are utilities that help ToolBook users create content. As the name itself implies, these utilities ("extensions") are hosted live on the SumTotal web site.


The Interface

You'll notice there are three tabs in the LiveXtensions.    


This is a list of tools which are available only to customers with a current Technical Support subscription.


These tools are available to all ToolBook users.

Imported Tools

If you create your own tool, or acquire a tool written by a third party, you can import the tool into the LiveXtensions and it will show up on this tab.

Launching the tools with a live Internet connection

Currently dozens of tools are provided by SumTotal Systems and are accessible through the Tools | LiveXtensions menu within ToolBook.

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These SumTotal provided tools are stored on the SumTotal web server. Therefore you must have an active Internet connection in order to access these remotely located Tools.

Launching the tools without a live Internet connection

If you want to use LiveXtensions on a computer which will not have regular access to the Internet, so that the tools are accessed from your own hard drive instead of from the SumTotal web site, this is possible.  

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Third Party Developed Tools

LiveXtensions can be created by anyone with a fundamental knowledge of the OpenScript programming language.

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