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The email log contains (in addition to general scoring information at the top) a tab-delimited table of the answers provided by the user:

Page Name

The page that the question is on.

Question Name

The question this is an answer for.

Type Name

The question type as a string, it could be one of the following:

Completion Status

How complete is the answer. It will be one of the following strings:


The score earned by this answer (a floating point number). If no score is defined (in general this won't be the case), you will see "Not Defined" without the quotes.

Maximum Score

The maximum possible score for the question. If there is no maximum score defined, you will find "Not Defined" here.


"True" if the question is locked, "False" if not. When a question is locked, the user cannot make further attempts, nor change previous answers.


The number of attempts made on the question (including this one).

Maximum Attempts

The maximum number of attempts allowed.

Attempt Time

The time the user spent on this attempt (in seconds).

Maximum Time

The maximum time the user could spend on this (if there is no maximum time, no value will be provided).

Input String

The input the user provided. The format of the input string varies based upon the type of question:

Multiple Choice

The input string is composed of a set of quads; each quad consists of the following elements:

Fill Blank

The fill blank input contains three values:

For example, assume that the user entered "Foo", and it didn't match any of the options, the input string will contain the following (excluding the quotes):


If, on the other hand, it did match the option named "Option 3", and Option 3 was correct, then you would find the following:

    "Foo,1,Option 3"

If Option 3 were incorrect, you would find:

    "Foo,0,Option 3"

Text Input (not yet supported)

The text input contains the string entered by the user.

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