common.propertyParameters method=...> is missing or invalid

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You get the following error message while Publishing to Web (during AXF to DHTML conversion):

  Unexpected error:

  <com.asymetrix.mercury.export ... PropertyParameters Property=...> is missing or invalid


This can be generated for a number of reasons. What the error means is that you have referenced an object or parameter of an object that does not exist in your book. Typically, this mistake has been made in the Actions Editor code of the object that is referencing the "missing" or "invalid" object or parameter.

To isolate the problem down to the particular object that contains the reference, follow the steps outlined below:

  1. Create a new, blank book.
  2. Insert the first half of the pages from the "problem" book into the blank book.
  3. Run the blank book through the Publish To Web (DHTML) process.
  4. If the error occurs then you know that at least one cause of the error exists in the first half of the pages in the "problem" book.
  5. Create a new blank book.
  6. Insert half of the pages from the first blank book into the second blank book.
  7. Run the second blank book through the publish to web engine.
  8. Repeat this cycle until you have isolated the error down to one page.
  9. Begin removing objects from the page ONE AT A TIME and running the book through the publish to web engine until you do not get the error.
  10. Analyze the object that this error centers around.

You may have to repeat the above troubleshooting technique many times on different sections of your book if you have multiple objects throughout your book that contain this same mistake.

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