Publish To Web (DHTML) option is missing from the File menu

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I am unable to find the Publish to Web (DHTML)... option in the FILE menu. I do see an option for AutoPackager... but I'm not interested in creating Native content.


ToolBook allows you to create content which can be deployed in two totally different ways:

New books will inherently be configured as DHTML content, and in this situation you'll find a Publish to Web (DHTML) option in the FILE menu to assist you in converting your content into a series of Web Pages.

If you are editing a file which is configured as Native content but you want to deliver your content as a series of Web pages that use DHTML, you will need to change the Deployment Method for a book from NATIVE to DHTML:

  1. From the Object menu choose Properties for Book
  2. Click the Deployment tab
  3. Choose the DHTML Deployment option

Once this change has been made, the AutoPackager... option in the FILE menu will disappear, to be replaced by an option for Publish to Web (DHTML)...

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