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The Actions Editor typically will let you programmatically control any named object in your book. The exception to this rule is when the object is a part of a Widget group.

For example a Navigation Panel is a group of several individual navigation buttons and the Actions Editor, by default, cannot see into this group. Because of this, you'll find that you cannot programmatically control one of the navigation buttons within this group.

If you find that you need programmatic control over one of the navigation buttons within a Navigation Panel, this tool will help you do that.

This LiveXtension allows you to tell all of the Navigation Panels in your book to allow the Actions Editor to see the child-objects within the panel. It does this by setting a special property of each Navigation Panel found in your book.

Because this tool only affects the Navigation Panels currently in your book, if you later add another panel, you will need to run this tool again - if you need programmatic control over this newly added panel.



It is also possible to make this adjustment without using the LiveXtension, using the following instructions:

  1. Open your TBK file
  2. Open your Command Window (see View menu)
  3. Select your Navigational Bar, so that it shows selection handles around the object
  4. Type (or Copy/Paste) the following into the Command Window:
    ASYM_EA_IncludeChildObjects of selection = true
  5. Press <enter>

This manual method only affects the one object you were selecting, whereas the LiveXtension affects all navigation panels in your entire book.

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