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I converted a PowerPoint file into a ToolBook file, and it works fine in native ToolBook (Reader Level) but in DHTML the Navigation Panel is not working reliably or at all.


When you convert a PowerPoint file into a ToolBook file there is an option in the converter called:

  Add Navigation Panel

which will add a navigation panel containing four navigation buttons (Exit, Menu, Back, Next) to your resulting ToolBook file. It does this by adding the panel as the top-most layered object on each of the Backgrounds in your ToolBook file, located on the bottom left edge of the page.

A problem can occur (such as the inability to click some or all of the buttons in the panel - in DHTML) if you have any Page level objects which are partially or fully covering the navigation panel. Since the Page sits on top of the Background, a Page level object can easily partially or completely block the view of (and ability to click) background objects which are positioned underneath.


There are various possible solutions:


You might be thinking....Why does this problem affect my DHTML published lesson but yet work fine in ToolBook at Reader level? This is because ToolBook has a special feature called DrawDirect which is applied to this navigation panel - where that feature forces that object (the Panel) to get rendered onto your screen last (meaning on top of all other objects). This means that even this background object, which technically lives under other Background objects and under various Page objects, will still show on top of everything. Sounds great, and works great at Reader level. Unfortunately this feature (DrawDirect) does not work in DHTML - which means the Panel is rendered onto your screen in your Web Browser potentially under other Page and Background level objects.

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