Where can I find the Neuron installer for the various versions of ToolBook?

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What is Neuron? Neuron is nothing more than the ToolBook Runtime (playback) engine with the extra ability to show itself within a Web Browser window.

Below is a listing of all available versions of Neuron, and links to allow you to download them.

Note that Neuron was retired with the release of ToolBook 11.

Neuron 10.5

Neuron 10.0

Neuron 9.5

Neuron 9

Neuron 2004 [aka 8.9]

Neuron 8.5/8.6

Neuron 8.0/8.1

Neuron 7.2

Neuron 7.0/7.1

If you are using an older version of ToolBook, click here.

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