Updating OpenScript examples to work in ToolBook 9 and higher

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When utilizing sample OpenScript code or sample Applications which were written for versions of ToolBook older than ToolBook 9.0, it is critical that you properly update the logic before attempting to use it in ToolBook 9.0+.

This update is achieved using the Version Updater utility which ships with ToolBook. You'll find this in your START menu, in the Utilities folder within the ToolBook program group.

The Version Updater in ToolBook 9.0 (and higher) will scan your OpenScript code looking for older 16-bit commands/functions, and let you know what it finds (and in many cases can fix them for you). It does this because ToolBook 9.0 and higher will not be able to utilize 16-bit logic, because ToolBook is a 32-bit product as of ToolBook 9.0.


OpenScript is a programming language within ToolBook. It is more powerful than the Actions Editor programming language, however it only works within Native ToolBook. OpenScript does not function within a Web Published lesson.


Most of the catalog objects in ToolBook have lots of OpenScript functionality controlling their behaviors. The Version Updater will properly handle updating the logic within each of these catalog objects which you've used in your book, ensuring that any 16-bit logic is updated with 32-bit replacements.


Any OpenScript logic which you may have borrowed from another programmer or found in a Knowledge Base article may contain 16-bit logic which will need to be converted to 32-bit logic in order to function in versions of ToolBook 9.0 and higher.

Some of these commands may have been 16-bit ToolBook commands and in most cases the Version Updater will properly convert those ToolBook commands to 32-bit for you. However non-ToolBook commands cannot be converted automatically.

For example if you have logic which calls into the Windows 16-bit programming API (perhaps utilizing the USER or KERNEL modules), then you will need to manually update the logic to 32-bit calls instead.

The Version Updater will not be able to translate those from 16 to 32-bit for you. You'll need to convert them manually, which will require Windows programming knowledge.

The ToolBook support team will be unable to assist you in this programming task.

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