How to open a ToolBook backup file?

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I would like to open one of the backup files created by ToolBook. How do I open it?


When you work on your project file within ToolBook and save it, the file will have (typically) a .TBK extension on the file, such as:


When you double-click on this file, Windows reads the extension off of the end of the file (the "tbk") and then looks for an installed program which can open files with a TBK extension - and will find your installed ToolBook program, which will open it for you.

When ToolBook saves a backup file for you, it does this by saving your book with a different extension. For example your backup file may have an extension of .BAK or .001 - .009 or .1 - .9.

Double-clicking one of these files will not result in ToolBook opening because these file extensions are not tied to ToolBook.

You can open one of these files in several ways:

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