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In DHTML, when a quiz has randomized question pages, the Question Number that is displayed is out of sequence.


It is not uncommon for ToolBook lesson designers to add text (a Question-Counter) above each question, saying something like "Question 2 of 6". However when the pages get randomized, so does this text, and therefore the users will see the a series of pages shown to them with very random Question-Counters.

The only way to get the Question-Counter to not randomize along with the pages, is to add Actions Editor logic to automatically and programmatically generate the Question-Counter text.


Since your question pages very likely share a single background, this solution will require you to:

As an example of how this could be done using the actions, the following sample is shown below. This is not the only way this can be done, it is just an example of one way.


To implement this solution you will need to be comfortable using the Actions Editor. If you are not, you'll likely find it difficult or impossible to implement this solution properly.

Create the following global variables

Several variables need to be set up before you can add the needed Actions Editor logic.

VARIABLE #1: CounterText

This will be configured with NO initial value and both checkboxes will be checked



This will be configured with an initial value of 0, with only one of the checkboxes checked


VARIABLE #3: TotPageCount

This will be configured with none of the checkboxes checked.

However you need to set the Initial Value to a value equal to the number of questions the user will end up seeing. In my case where I know they will see 6 questions, and because I want the text to be "Question ??? of 6", I need to set the Initial Value to a value of 6.


Add the Actions Editor Logic

Using the Actions Editor add the following logic to the Field you added to the background.



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