Flash file created in Captivate will not play in DHTML

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My Flash file which was created in Captivate properly plays in ToolBook at Reader level but will not properly play in the Browser once exported into DHTML format. The player controls are visible but the actual file never displays.


Adobe Captivate can create Flash content for you which plays your recorded Captivate session along with playback controls (stop, pause, play, slider bar, etc.).

The inclusion of the playback controls is accomplished by providing you with TWO different SWF files.

Main File (example: lesson.swf)

Skin File (example: lesson_skin.swf)

So, in order to play one of these multi-file Flash files in ToolBook you'd want to:


When exporting your lesson to DHTML the only SWF file ToolBook knows about is the one you pointed it to within the Media Player. In other words ToolBook is clueless about the need for the Main File.

As such, during the Web Export process your Main File is not moved into the Web Export folder, causing the original symptom.

The way to fix this problem is to:

Now that the Media Folder has a copy of the Main File in it (which is also where the Skin File was copy to) the file should now play properly in DHTML.

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