How to modify the background and text color of the Please Wait Loading screen

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How to modify the background and text color of the DHTML Please Wait Loading screen?


The Please Wait Loading screen, seen as your DHTML content starts loading, typically has a black background and white text.

Changing the text itself is easy, as this is a feature offered in the Publish to Web process. However how do you change the background and text color?

The background color used by the Please Wait Loading screen is actually the MAT color of your book. What is a MAT? The mat is the color you see surrounding your ToolBook page when you Maximize your ToolBook window. Typically this mat color is black by default.

The text color is not settable. It is determined automatically based on the following rule:

To change the mat color for your book, which will also change the Please Wait Loading screen background color, do the following:

  1. Open your book
  2. Go to Author level
  3. Choose Properties for Book from your Object menu
  4. Navigate to the WINDOW tab
  5. You'll find the Mat Color setting at the bottom of the Window tab, which you can use to change this color value

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