You cannot get or set a property of a Popup Media Frame

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In ToolBook 11.5, when trying to Publish my lesson to DHTML, this error shows up in my DHTML error log:

10:00:44 AM - Error: You cannot get or set a property of a Popup Media Frame,

              because this object does not really exist in the DHTML Published

              version of your lesson.

              OBJECT: Background id 34 of Book "C:\yourbook.tbk" (Background "Main")


Normally this error simply means that you have written some Actions Editor logic in your book which is trying to hide/show a Media Frame, which is not allowed. In such a situation, the OBJECT referenced in this log entry will tell you which object in your book contains this Actions Editor code, so you can locate the code and modify it.

However, if the object begin referenced does not contain any such Actions Editor code, then you've likely encountered a bug in the Logging logic for ToolBook 11.5.

This problem was fixed in Patch 3 for ToolBook 11.5.

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