How to get Question Text to be reported to an LMS



If you are tracking your ToolBook lesson in a Learning Management System (LMS), the information reported back to the LMS includes various bits of quiz related data but one piece of data that is not included is the actual question text.

For example you have a True/False question on a page of your lesson. Above this you have a text field containing the following question text:

  Form X399 is processed only on Mondays

Without the question text being reported back to the LMS, it become difficult to analyze the Assessment Details from reports within the LMS - because it is not easy to tell for sure which user response belongs to which question.


When ToolBook sends a user response to the LMS it sends an identifier for that particular question and that identifier normally looks something like this:


What this means is:

  Question "Multiple Choice" [which is object id 7] of page id 2

Although this is a very accurate way to identify a question, it is not very useful for reporting.

Since the name of the question is actually a part of this identifier, you can rename your question object so that it includes text to help you identify the question. One idea is to try to put the question text into the name of the question.

The only limiting factor here is that the name of an object in ToolBook cannot exceed 32 characters so you may need to trim down the text a bit to be used as a name.

For example, the question text proposed in the example above is 38 character long. This is perfectly fine for the text in your field but too long to also be used as the name of the question. A shorter version of the question text could be used as the question name, such as:

  X399 is processed on Mondays

Using this name would result in the LMS showing the identifier as:


making it much easier to identify which question this really is when viewing reports within your LMS.


Using cmi.interactions.n.description to send question text to an LMS (using SCORM 2004)

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