How to send Question Text to the LMS with SCORM 2004



With the release of ToolBook 10 support the sending of question text to the LMS in the cmi.interactions.n.description field.  Not that this is only supported under SCORM 2004, not AICC or SCORM 1.2 (neither of which support this field anyway).

Question Text is a new feature of ToolBook 10. Each question object has the ability to specify what text is to be used as the official Question Text, on the General tab of the question editor.

The ability to send the Question Text to the LMS is turned ON by default.



Be aware that the book level setting (if set) will override the INI setting.

Note that although ToolBook will now send question text to the LMS, it is up to the LMS to provide a mechanism for you to view that information.

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