Randomized Question Skipper

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The quiz randomization logic in ToolBook auto-detects where your question bank is located within your book. To do this it scans your book starting with page 1, looking for a question object, and once found, considers that first question page to be the start of your question bank. If your book contains various questions pages before your question bank begins, the randomizer will incorrectly calculate where your bank starts.

To get around this, ToolBook has a way of allowing you to tell a question object that it is not to be considered as a part of the question bank. This is accomplished by setting a special NotInQuiz property of the question object to True.

This LiveXtension will do this for you, allowing you to process all questions on a range of pages, in a matter of a few seconds.


Starting with ToolBook 11, this is no longer a LiveXtension. It is now a built-in feature to ToolBook. It is now found as a Configure button located on the Behavior tab of the Properties for Lesson dialog.


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