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September 16, 2009


A description of new features and enhancements is available in the product's Help system. To access Help, click on ToolBook’s Help menu and then select “Help Contents.” Select the “What's New, What's Different” Help topic to view detailed information on new features and enhancements.


The following general issues should be noted when using ToolBook 10.0.

Some Changes to Fields in Quiz Summary Don't Show in Reader Mode

Some changes to field properties show in reader mode, others do not. Changing the size and font of fields within a Quiz Summary is supported. Supported font properties include the face, size, and color. Changes to other field properties will not be saved when the user switches from author to reader mode.

Updated LastScore property in Actions Editor to Round to Four Significant Digits

In native ToolBook, the lastScore property is now always a raw score value rounded to 4 decimal places, whereas previously its format would sometimes depend on the display format specified for the score button or action. In the HTML runtime, the lastScore property is now also rounded to 4 decimal places, whereas previously it was not rounded.


FillColor Property of Image Object is not Used if Image Object is Transparent

If an image object is set up to be transparent, the fillColor property is not used in DHTML (it will remain transparent).

Firefox May Generate A General Protection Fault When it is Closed While A Book is Opened Via Neuron

When the Neuron plug-in is used to display a book in Firefox under Windows Vista, it is possible for Firefox to crash when it is closed.

Internet Explorer 6 Does Not Honor Transparency Feature of PNG Files When They Are Displayed in A Web Graphic Placeholder

It is recommended that the image object be used to display all graphic files, which fully supports PNG transparency settings.

Neuron Book Published With Impulse Will Not Load Via HTTP

Books that have been published for Neuron using Impulse occasionally fail to load in the web browser when the book is located on a web server. The solution is to publish the book for Neuron without using Impulse.


Simulation AutoBuilder Will Only Capture 32-Bit Applications

The Simulation AutoBuilder is only designed to capture 32-bit applications.

Unable to Record Simulations of Some Applications Under Vista and Windows 7 When UAC is on

To avoid potential issues or unpredictable behavior when capturing simulations under Vista or Windows 7, turn off the User Access Control (UAC), and run the applications to be captured as Administrator.


Fill-In-The-Blank Question Does Not Register Answer on an Android Browser

The cursor must leave the entry field in order for the question to register the answer. This can be done by clicking elsewhere on the page, then clicking a submit button, or clicking the submit button twice. Another way to handle this situation is to use the Actions Editor to set the focus to another object when enter (or submit) is pressed.

Audio and Video Does Not Play on Android Devices

The browser installed on Android devices does not play embedded media. One way to circumvent this is to link directly to the media file. Assuming the device supports that media type, the media will play full screen in another window, using the appropriate player.

If a Quiz Summary is Larger Than The Display Area, it Will Expand to Show All Data

Mobile devices that do not support embedded scrolling text fields will encounter this behavior. The entire quiz summary object will display on the page, listing a set of questions as defined by the course author. There will be no scroll bar and if the list is long enough, it will overflow off of the bottom of the page area. Care should be taken to not place navigation buttons below the quiz summary object in this situation.

Navigation Panel 01 is Unresponsive

When using the Android browser, the Navigation Panel 01 should not be used, as this object cannot accept clicks from the Android browser.

Cross-Domain HTTP Post Does Not Function

When an attempt is made to do a cross-domain HTTP post using the signed Java applet a message is displayed in the browser on mobile devices: “The required applet cannot be found.” The post does not occur.


Cd Audio Will Not Be Converted into ToolBook Format.

Most audio inserted into PowerPoint using insert ? Sound is supported. This includes the “Sound from File”, “Sound from Clip Organizer,” and “Record Sound” options. The “Play CD Audio Track” option will not be converted into ToolBook format.

Version 9.5 And 10 Are Launched From PowerPoint Separately

If ToolBook version 9.5 and version 10 are installed on the same machine, there will be two Publish to ToolBook buttons on the PowerPoint ribbon. The one for ToolBook 9.5 is labeled “ToolBook” in the ribbon group. The one for ToolBook 10 is in a ribbon group labeled “ToolBook 10.” The version 9.5 “Publish to ToolBook” button will always publish to a ToolBook version 9.5 .tbkx file, but the version of the .tbk files it creates will depend on the highest installed version of ToolBook. And, if the “Open in ToolBook” option is selected (and ToolBook 10 is installed), a 9.5 .tbkx file will then be opened in ToolBook version 10. If you want to publish to ToolBook version 9.5 after version 10 is installed, you can do so by publishing a version 9.5 .tbkx file, and de-selecting “Open in ToolBook.” This will create a .tbkx file. Then, open ToolBook 9.5 and use File ? Open to open the .tbkx file.


Books Created With Feature Preview Releases Need To Be Re-Created in Version 10

Several objects, including the Quiz Summary, have been updated between the last Feature Preview Release, and the final release of version 10. Therefore, it is required that these objects be recreated in the final release of version 10 and we recommend recreating the book using the final release of version 10, rather than simply editing the book in the final release of version 10.

Where to find more information

Mobile Best Practices

ToolBook online Help contains a mini lesson called SumTotal Authoring Best Practices for Mobile Learning available from the Contents tab.

Converting PowerPoint Presentations

An overview of the SumTotal Publish to ToolBook is available in ToolBook’s online Help. Additional information is available within Help for the SumTotal Publish to ToolBook Add-in, installed in the PowerPoint ribbon.


A document describing the ToolBook XML format is available in the Documentation folder under the ToolBook 10 folder of the Start menu.

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