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The Repair Kit is used to help you fix a book that is internally damaged. It will attempt to copy all objects in a book, to a new blank book.

By default the repaired version will be named the same as your old book - but with _repaired tagged to the end of the file name, and located in same directory.

For example if your book was named FireSafety.tbk, the repaired version would be named FireSafety_repaired.tbk.


The Repair Kit will filter out most types of corruption, and in the majority of cases yields a new book that looks and behaves identically to the original.

If however, after running the Repair Kit you find some things are missing or are behaving differently, you will need to restore those items or correct the behavior in the new book.

Before attempting to use the Repair Kit, first close your .TBK file as the Repair Kit cannot process a book which is currently open.


Depending on the version of ToolBook you are using, you'll find the Repair Kit in the following location:

To run the Repair Kit from ToolBook version 11.5

 Start > Programs > ToolBook 11.5 > Utilities > Repair Kit

To run the Repair Kit from ToolBook version 11

 Start > Programs > ToolBook 11.0 > Utilities > Repair Kit

To run the Repair Kit from ToolBook version 10.5

 Start > Programs > ToolBook 10.5 > Utilities > Repair Kit


If you are familiar with the Repair Kit, you can choose to use Expert Mode.

If your book is badly corrupt, you may find that the Repair Kit actually crashes while trying to repair your book.

If this occurs, make note of the page the crash occurred on. Reboot your machine, and then re-launch the Repair Kit. Choose expert mode and follow the defaults, except you should exclude the page where the error occurred on the previous attempt.

Severely corrupted books may require you to repeat this process several times until you have successfully identified all corrupted pages and excluded them from the copy process.

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