My book seems to be corrupt, where can I find the Repair Kit

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If you run across strange behavior while using or authoring your ToolBook application such as: is possible that a portion of your book may be corrupt.

Alternately you may run across a message that says The Most Recent Save Was Interrupted, when you try to open your book. In either case, the Repair Kit can be used to help eliminate this error message.

The Repair Kit is used to help fix a book that is internally corrupted. It will attempt to transfer all objects from your problem book, into a new blank book. This process filters out most corruption and in the majority of cases yields a new book that looks and behaves identically to the original.

However, if after using the Repair Kit you find some things are missing or are behaving differently, you will need to restore those items or correct the behavior in the new book.


Avoid Hard-Coded idNumbers in OpenScript. As a general rule code should never include hard-coded idNumbers such as:

  name of button id 3 = "apple"

The reason for this is that idNumbers of objects and resources cannot be guaranteed to be the same in the repaired version of a book. Hard-coding idNumbers can result in errors like:

  not a valid object reference.

More information on the Repair Kit

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