When resuming a lesson it starts on page 1 instead of the last page visited

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When resuming a DHTML lesson from an LMS the lesson starts on page 1 instead of being resumed on the last page visited.


When you open a ToolBook lesson from an LMS the lesson can be opened in various modes:

In versions of ToolBook earlier than ToolBook 9, anytime the user would launch a lesson, ToolBook would always return the user to the last page they previously visited, when this should only have happened if resuming a lesson.

To fix this problem, as of ToolBook 9.0 the behavior is to always start from page 1 unless the course is being resumed.

How does ToolBook know if a lesson is being launched in a resume mode?

It is essential that the LMS provide the correct information to the ToolBook lesson in order for ToolBook to properly resume the lesson.


The only way to tell for sure if your LMS is sending the correct "resume" information back to the ToolBook lesson, is to look at the AICC/SCORM conversation between the LMS and the ToolBook lesson.

ToolBook does provide a way of looking at this conversational data, using a special DEBUG MODE feature in ToolBook.

If you find that your LMS is not sending the correct data, you should contact your LMS vendor and provide them with this article and your troubleshooting debug logs.

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