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The Quiz Summary has an optional Review Field component, which offers the ability to let the learner return to the page containing the question.

Once the learner uses this link to return to the question page, there is seemingly no way for the learner to quickly return to the Quiz Summary page.

This Mini Lesson will show you how you can implement a Return To Summary feature on your question pages.


Here is a quick overview of how to implement a Return To Summary feature.

Set a Variable

Configure the Quiz Summary page to set a global variable when the learner enters the Quiz Summary page.

Add a button to the Question Pages

On the Question pages, add an appropriate return button which will navigate the learner back to the Quiz Summary page.

Hide/Show the button as needed

Ensure the return button is visible only if the variable was set.


The following demonstration of how to implement this will be written so that it will work properly even if you have more than one Quiz Summary object in your book.

In order for this to work you'll need to ensure each of your Quiz Summary objects have unique names. This means changing the name from the default of "Quiz Summary" to something else. For example "Pre-Test"



It will be necessary to set a Global variable, to keep track of which Quiz Summary the learner last saw.

Creating the Variable

Create a Global Variable named QuizSummaryLastViewed and ensure the Save the Variable's value to the LMS between sessions option is enabled.


Setting the Variable

Add the following Actions Editor logic to each of your Quiz Summary objects. Notice that it is putting the name of the Quiz Summary object into the variable.



In order to allow the learner to navigate back to the Quiz Summary page, we will simply add a new button for them to click. For example a button with a caption of Return to Quiz Summary.

This button should realistically go on the Background, so that this one button can be visible on all of your question pages. Depending on the design of your book, you may find that putting the button on the background will make it visible on more than just your question pages. In this case you may want to consider moving your question pages onto their own background, so that the background is not used by your other non-question pages.

You could also just put a copy of the button on each question page, so that you don't have to adjust your backgrounds, though this is more difficult to maintain in the long run.

To make the button return to the Quiz Summary page when clicked, the following logic needs to be added to the On Click event. Notice that this example is set up to recognize two different Quiz Summary objects in your book, and to take the learner back to the correct Quiz Summary page, based on the value in the variable.



Since the button should not be visible to the learner if they have not yet seen the Quiz Summary page, it is necessary to add some On Load Page Actions Editor logic to ensure the button is hidden or shown as necessary.


This works by checking to see if the QuizSummaryLastViewed variable has a value or not. If no value, then the button is hidden, otherwise it is shown to the learner.

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