Launching SCORM 2004 lesson in Review Mode not working correctly with TotalLMS



Whenever I relaunch a Completed SCORM 2004 DHTML lesson created by ToolBook, which is tracked in SumTotal's TotalLMS, it appears ToolBook is sending lesson data back to the LMS when it should not be (a lesson launched in Review Mode should not result in data being sent back to the LMS). Also if I use SCORM 1.2, it works fine.


This is a limitation of the SCORM 2004 support in TotalLMS. In order for this to work as expected, the LMS needs to relaunch the lesson in a Review Mode, however TotalLMS is launching the lesson as a new fresh attempt on the lesson.

Please contact the TotalLMS team for further information and to determine if there is any way to address this limitation of the LMS.

ToolBook Support recommends you use SCORM 1.2 instead - since TotalLMS does fully support a Resume Mode for SCORM 1.2 content.

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