What needs to be done to a ToolBook file to make it work with a LMS



What needs to be done to a ToolBook file to make sure it can communicate with a Learning Management System (LMS)?


As long as the LMS supports SCORM or AICC communication, there is very little that needs to be done.


Ensure the ToolBook file contains an LMS-aware exiting method, which instructs the ToolBook content to relay the course data back to the LMS. You could use:

The Actions Editor programming environment within ToolBook permits you to program in your desired exit behavior instead of using catalog objects.


Ensure the ToolBook file is Published to Web (as DHTML or Neuron) with an appropriate PACKAGE option chosen:

Various Publishing Options

That's all there is to it. By turning on the Package option (selecting a SCORM or AICC option) you have told ToolBook to automatically handle the data communication with the LMS. Beyond the Step 1 and Step 2 options above, there is no involvement on your part for this communication to function.


In the event your LMS does not support AICC or SCORM communication, ToolBook will be unable to automatically track data with the LMS. It may be possible to program in the needed tracking behavior, using the Actions Editor (or even OpenScript if you are using Neuron), but you would be responsible for development the needed code to make this communication possible.

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