Why my ToolBook content does not pass the SCORM Test Suite

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My DHTML content generated with ToolBook fails to pass the SCORM Test Suite. Is the content not compliant? Why did it fail?


All content generated from ToolBook 8.5 and higher is known to be SCORM 1.2 conformant. All content generated from TB2004sp3 (AKA 8.9) and higher is also SCORM 2004 conformant.

There are a number of reasons why the Test Suite failed to properly evaluate the content. We can affirm all content generated with ToolBook 8.5 and higher is SCORM conformant. However, we cannot assist with the proper use of the SCORM Test Suite for verification of a particular course.

Please refer to the documentation (readme.htm) that installs with the SCORM Test Suite for instructions on properly configuring the Test Suite.  Be aware there are specific requirements for the SCORM Test Suite to function properly, for example, the installation instructions state that a specific version of the JRE is required. Also, take note of the Known issues (under the Additional Information section).

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