What SCORM API calls are made to the LMS as I exit my lesson?

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When exiting a DHTML course from a SCORM 1.2 based LMS, what SCORM API calls are being made by the ToolBook content as the Exit (Mark As Complete) button is pressed by the user?


The complex SCORM communication between the ToolBook DHTML content and the LMS is handled in a completely automated manner by ToolBook's DHTML engine.

This communication mechanism is not within your control (in other words....is hard coded). However for informational purposes only, the following SCORM API calls are made as the user clicks on an Exit (Mark As Complete) button from within your lesson:

LMSSetValue( "cmi.core.lesson_location", [URL to current page] )

LMSSetValue( "cmi.core.exit", "" )

LMSSetValue( "cmi.core.lesson_status", "completed" )

LMSSetValue( "cmi.core.score.min", [min score for book] )

LMSSetValue( "cmi.core.score.max", [max score for book] )

LMSSetValue( "cmi.core.score.raw", [actual score achieved] )

LMSSetValue( "cmi.core.session_time", [accumulated time spent in lesson] )

<in here we construct the suspend data and write it out to the LMS>



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