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When running a ToolBook DHTML course (SCORM or AICC) via a Learning Management System, what happens when the learner exits the course using the close button on the caption bar (the 'X' in the upper-left corner of the browser window)?

This is treated as suspend. The same as if the learner clicked on an Exit (Suspend Lesson) button from the Scoring and Tracking section of the catalog.

How to change the default behavior

There are two ways to control the exit behavior:

Changing One Book

It is possible to change the exit behavior of just the particular book you are working in.

Set the following book property:

  Property: ASYMI_ActionOnClose

  Value: <action>    NOTE: See possible settings below


You can set this property by doing the following:

Changing All Books

If you would like to control the exit behavior of any future book that you publish to DHTML:

Create the following entry in the [WebExport] section of the product INI file. You can locate the product INI file here:

  ToolBook 10+

  C:\Documents and Settings\<username>\Local Settings\Application Data\ToolBook\Instructor##.ini

If the [WebExport] section does not already exist, add the section at the top of the INI file.




Possible settings (values of <action>)

The action taken when the course is exited (the value of the book property or ini entry), can be one of the following:


It will mark the lesson as complete


It will discard the test results


It will suspend the course

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