Launching ToolBook DHTML on a SSL server produces NONSECURE warning

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If you launch DHTML exported ToolBook content from an HTTPS address (Secure Web Server - SSL), the following dialog may be shown to you:


This dialog is simply telling you that within the HTML code which makes up your exported content, there are some HTTP references. Since you are running from a HTTPS location, this trips the warning. This is considered mixed content.

Possibility #1

The warning will occur if your content has HTTP links (considered nonsecure, whereas HTTPS links would be considered secure) within it, and you load your content from a SSL server. The problem could be as simple as you having put hyperlinks in your content which point to nonsecure HTTP locations.

Possibility #2

In addition the problem may be being caused by ToolBook itself. ToolBook by default utilizes two hidden Windows Media Players when loading any DHTML content, and if the event the user does not have the Windows Media Player installed, we can prompt them where to go to get it....and that location is on Microsoft's web a standard HTTP address. The fact that ToolBook generated DHTML contains this HTTP reference is enough to trip this warning when the content loads from a Secure Server.


In general, if you plan on distributing your DHTML content on a Secure Server, and wish to avoid seeing this warning dialog you will need to set a special INI setting as described below.


A new checkbox has been added to the Publish to Web dialog, entitled Suppress Mixed Content Browser Warning (HTTPS). Simply check this checkbox to turn on this feature for the current book.


Manually Changing an INI setting

Once this setting is set, any future DHTML exported content should now be able to be placed on a Secure Web Server without triggering the Warning dialogs.

Adjusting Internet Explorer to permit Mixed Content

If you wish to disable this dialog for your own machine, you can instruct Internet Explorer to not generate this warning dialog.

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